2013-08-18 Neutron SoutmunFix rahunas netsnmp module crash from invalid records
2013-08-18 Neutron SoutmunFix bandwidth slot reservation from misbehavior
2013-08-18 Neutron SoutmunFix the ifbs setup failed for some networks
2013-05-13 Neutron Soutmun=== Release 0.2.5 ===
2013-04-10 Neutron SoutmunFix DNS interception in "bridge" mode
2013-03-08 Neutron SoutmunShould only intercept the DNS request from clients
2012-11-07 Neutron SoutmunAdd DNS intercept option and fix bashisms
2012-09-02 Neutron SoutmunFix typo, escape username and password
2012-08-30 Neutron Soutmun=== Release 0.2.4 ===
2012-08-30 Neutron SoutmunUpdate weblogin translation template files
2012-08-30 Neutron SoutmunBump version to 0.2.4
2012-08-30 Neutron SoutmunFix the helper scripts get stuck
2012-08-29 Neutron Soutmun=== Release 0.2.3 ===
2012-08-27 Neutron SoutmunFix conntrack cut bugs and ignore firewall warnings
2012-08-20 Neutron Soutmun=== Release 0.2.2 ===
2012-08-20 Neutron SoutmunUpdate weblogin pot/po file
2012-08-20 Neutron Soutmun=== Release 0.2.1 ===
2012-08-20 Neutron SoutmunBump version to 0.2.1
2012-06-28 Neutron SoutmunAlso checking for "Password Has Expired" reply message
2012-06-27 Neutron SoutmunMove serviceclass rules to policy setup
2012-06-27 Neutron SoutmunFix the conntrack cut did not forked and delay as expect
2012-06-27 Neutron SoutmunShow session remain time instead of session time for...
2012-06-27 Neutron SoutmunPrevent double submission and PHP session is no needed now
2012-06-25 Neutron SoutmunDelay for 5 seconds before cut-off the client's conntracks
2012-06-21 Neutron SoutmunFix the service class slot id reservation failed
2012-06-21 Neutron SoutmunUsing vserver id as nas port to support darksolar contr...
2012-06-20 Neutron SoutmunRevert "Redirecting with 302 Move temporary instead...
2012-06-20 Neutron SoutmunChange excluded traffic connmark to 6
2012-06-18 Neutron SoutmunRedirecting with 302 Move temporary instead of javascript.
2012-06-18 Neutron SoutmunAdd connection tracking cutter
2012-06-17 Neutron SoutmunFix compiler warning
2012-06-17 Neutron SoutmunSync rahunas ipset header and fix compiler warning
2012-06-16 Neutron SoutmunCorrect the definition of task ipset header declaration
2012-02-06 Neutron Soutmunweblogin: Update login/logout and bump copyright years
2011-12-28 Neutron Soutmunweblogin: Workaround for IE9
2011-10-06 Neutron SoutmunMerge branch 'feature/squid-auth-helper-mt' into develop
2011-10-06 Neutron Soutmunsquid-auth-helper multi-threaded support
2011-10-04 Neutron SoutmunFix memleaks on client socket fail
2011-10-04 Neutron SoutmunChange default weblogin template to rahunas-bootstrap
2011-10-04 Neutron SoutmunUpdate weblogin pot file and Thai translation
2011-10-04 Neutron SoutmunUpdate wording in the change password page
2011-10-04 Neutron SoutmunMerge branch 'feature/new-weblogin' into develop
2011-10-04 Neutron SoutmunForgot to add POTFILES.in
2011-10-03 Neutron SoutmunSet language regarding Accept-Language HTTP header
2011-10-03 Neutron SoutmunUpdate the old patterns to support new design
2011-10-03 Neutron SoutmunAdd new weblogin template "rahunas-bootstrap"
2011-10-03 Neutron SoutmunAdd i18n, render class
2011-10-01 Neutron SoutmunUse autopoint to manage the weblogin translation
2011-09-30 Neutron SoutmunInstall rh-checkrad as sbin scripts
2011-09-29 Neutron SoutmunAdd timeout to checkrad script
2011-09-29 Neutron SoutmunAdd sample checkrad script for RahuNAS
2011-09-29 Neutron SoutmunShould send the client ip to radius instead
2011-09-28 Neutron SoutmunUpdate login table on database updated
2011-09-28 Neutron SoutmunUpdate .gitignore
2011-09-28 Neutron SoutmunAdd netsnmp-module
2011-09-28 Neutron SoutmunUpdate the database schema
2011-09-28 Neutron SoutmunAdd rh_ prefix to major,minor,micro define
2011-09-28 Neutron SoutmunSwitch to sqlite3 native API
2011-09-28 Neutron SoutmunAdd mode to open() as it's required for hardening build
2011-09-26 Neutron SoutmunFix session_id is empty in case already in session
2011-09-26 Suriya SoutmunDestroy object after used.
2011-09-26 Suriya SoutmunAdd change password page.
2011-09-13 Neutron SoutmunRemove white-spaces from the username
2011-09-08 Neutron SoutmunPrevent double login, invalid logout/update info
2011-09-07 Neutron SoutmunFix program die on SIGPIPE
2011-06-21 Neutron Soutmun=== Release 0.2.0 === master
2011-06-21 Neutron SoutmunAdd config.h.in back after accidentally removed.
2011-06-21 Neutron SoutmunFix compiler warnings
2011-06-20 Neutron SoutmunCherry-picks the code from 0.1.x branch
2010-08-03 Neutron SoutmunDo not kill farpd if state file does not exists
2010-08-02 Neutron SoutmunUpdate weblogin messages and translations
2010-08-02 Neutron SoutmunClass-Of-Service description return to weblogin
2010-08-02 Neutron SoutmunDon't show error for invalid serviceclass request
2010-08-02 Neutron SoutmunAdd fakearpd setup and update example configs
2010-08-01 Neutron SoutmunFix database not update
2010-08-01 Neutron SoutmunBump version to 0.2.0
2010-07-31 Neutron SoutmunFix and update serviceclass
2010-07-30 Neutron SoutmunRemove unused VIP_* from weblogin config update
2010-07-29 Neutron SoutmunAdd implementation of class-of-service
2010-07-03 Neutron SoutmunAdd example/rahunas-serviceclass.conf.in
2010-07-03 Neutron SoutmunAdd serviceclass config
2010-06-02 Neutron SoutmunFix incorrect data from set
2010-06-01 Neutron SoutmunSuppressed warning message of libgda
2010-06-01 Neutron SoutmunFix dbset failed to query
2010-06-01 Neutron SoutmunAdd ipset headers, rahunas updated struct changes
2010-06-01 Neutron SoutmunUpdate IPSET_VERSION to 4.2
2010-05-30 Neutron SoutmunMigrating to libgda-4, some APIs changes
2010-05-25 Neutron SoutmunDo nothing when no vipuser request
2010-05-11 Neutron SoutmunAdd tools/rahunas-vipmap.in
2010-05-11 Neutron SoutmunAdd new task the vipmap task
2010-05-11 Neutron SoutmunAdd vip_ip field into dbset table in database
2010-05-11 Neutron SoutmunAdd vipmap to rahunas config
2010-05-11 Neutron SoutmunIgnore error warning on kill farpd process
2010-05-11 Neutron SoutmunAdd vipmap to config and scripts
2009-09-19 Neutron SoutmunBump version to 0.1.8
2009-09-19 Neutron Soutmun=== Release 0.1.7 === rahunas-0.1.7
2009-09-19 Neutron SoutmunYet another fix firewall script for _ext_fw
2009-09-19 Neutron SoutmunFix firewall script to stop _ext_fw properly
2009-09-19 Neutron SoutmunBump version to 0.1.7
2009-09-19 Neutron Soutmun=== Release 0.1.6 === rahunas-0.1.6