2012-01-20 Henry CulverFix the inclusion of linux/export.h master
2012-01-14 Jozsef Kadlecsikipset 6.11 released
2012-01-14 Jozsef KadlecsikSupport hostnames and service names with dash
2012-01-13 Jozsef Kadlecsikhash:net,iface timeout bug fixed
2012-01-13 Jozsef KadlecsikExceptions support added to hash:*net* types
2012-01-13 Paul Gortmakernet: Add export.h for EXPORT_SYMBOL/THIS_MODULE to...
2012-01-10 Jozsef KadlecsikLog warning when a hash type of set gets full
2012-01-05 Jozsef KadlecsikSet types moved into libipset library
2012-01-05 Jozsef KadlecsikLibrary map file added in order to support library...
2012-01-04 Jan Engelhardtdoc: Linux 2.6.39 already has the defs
2012-01-04 Jan Engelhardtbuild: install libipset in the right place
2012-01-04 Jan EngelhardtProvide a pkgconfig file
2011-12-23 Jan Engelhardtbuild: make distcheck work and use POSIX mode for tarba...
2011-12-23 Jan Engelhardtbuild: install libipset/linux_ip_set_list.h
2011-12-23 Jan Engelhardtbuild: include libipset/nfproto.h
2011-12-23 Jan Engelhardtbuild: process include/libipset/
2011-12-23 Jan Engelhardtbuild: use AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR and stash away tools
2011-12-23 Jan EngelhardtUpdate .gitignore
2011-11-25 Jozsef Kadlecsikipset 6.10 released
2011-11-24 Jozsef KadlecsikTests added to check ICMP/ICMPv6 type/code parsing
2011-11-16 Jozsef KadlecsikICMP/ICMPv6 type/code parser bug fixed
2011-11-16 Stephen Hemmingeripset: fix lookup of tcp port names
2011-09-15 Jozsef KadlecsikInvert the logic to include version.h in ip_set_core.c
2011-09-15 Jozsef KadlecsikSuppress false compile-time warnings:
2011-09-15 Mathieu BridonOptionally disable building the kernel module.
2011-09-06 Jozsef KadlecsikMake tidy complete
2011-09-06 Jozsef Kadlecsikipset 6.9.1 released
2011-09-06 Jozsef KadlecsikFix compiling ipset as external kernel modules
2011-09-06 Jozsef Kadlecsikipset 6.9 released
2011-09-05 Jozsef KadlecsikComplete Kconfig with hash:net,iface type
2011-09-05 Greg Rosertnetlink: Compute and store minimum ifinfo dump size
2011-09-05 Jesper JuhlRemove redundant linux/version.h includes from net/
2011-09-01 Jozsef KadlecsikMerge branch 'master' of git://dev.medozas.de/ipset
2011-08-31 Jan Engelhardtbuild: move ipset_errcode into library
2011-08-31 Jan Engelhardtbuild: abort autogen on subcommand failure
2011-08-31 Jan Engelhardtipset: use NFPROTO_ constants
2011-08-31 Jozsef KadlecsikPropagate "expose userspace-relevant parts in ip_set...
2011-08-31 Jan Engelhardtnetfilter: ipset: expose userspace-relevant parts in...
2011-08-31 Jan Engelhardtnetfilter: ipset: avoid use of kernel-only types
2011-08-31 Joe Perchesnetfilter: Remove unnecessary OOM logging messages
2011-08-31 Jozsef KadlecsikDumping error triggered removing references twice and...
2011-08-29 Jozsef KadlecsikAutoload set type modules safely
2011-07-11 Jozsef Kadlecsikipset 6.8 released
2011-07-11 Jozsef KadlecsikUpdate the manpage and document the limits in hash...
2011-07-09 Chris FriesenFix compiler warnings "'hash_ip4_data_next' declared...
2011-07-08 Jozsef Kadlecsikhash:net,iface fixed to handle overlapping nets behind...
2011-06-14 Jozsef KadlecsikMake possible to hash some part of the data element...
2011-06-08 Jozsef KadlecsikREADME file corrections from Richard Lucassen
2011-05-31 Jozsef Kadlecsikipset 6.7 released
2011-05-31 Jozsef KadlecsikWhitespace and coding fixes detected by checkpatch.pl
2011-05-30 Jozsef Kadlecsikhash:net,iface type introduced
2011-05-30 Jozsef Kadlecsikhash:* tests may seem to fail due to the too wide grep...
2011-05-28 Jozsef KadlecsikUse the stored first cidr value instead of '1'
2011-05-28 Jozsef KadlecsikFix return code for destroy when sets are in use
2011-05-27 Jozsef KadlecsikAdd xt_action_param to the variant level kadt functions...
2011-05-27 Jozsef KadlecsikRemove iptree tests and compatibility element parsing
2011-05-27 Jozsef Kadlecsikhash:net test may seem to fail due to the too wide...
2011-05-27 Jozsef KadlecsikFix long time uncovered bug at adding string attributes...
2011-05-25 Jozsef KadlecsikFix warnings reported by valgrind
2011-05-24 Jozsef KadlecsikRemove supporting set types iptree and iptreemap
2011-05-24 Jozsef KadlecsikDrop supporting kernel versions below 2.6.35
2011-05-24 Jozsef Kadlecsikipset 6.6 released
2011-05-24 Jozsef KadlecsikRestore with bitmap:port and list:set types did not...
2011-05-24 Jozsef KadlecsikAccept "\r\n" terminated COMMIT command in restore...
2011-05-24 Jozsef KadlecsikFix the message sequence number book-keeping
2011-05-24 Jozsef KadlecsikProtocol-level debugging support added
2011-05-23 Jozsef Kadlecsikhash:net stress test in range notation added
2011-05-23 Jozsef KadlecsikUse unified from/to address masking and check the usage
2011-05-23 Jozsef Kadlecsikipset_mnl_query: in debug mode print the errno returned...
2011-05-23 Jozsef Kadlecsikip_set_flush returned -EPROTO instead of -IPSET_ERR_PRO...
2011-05-22 Jozsef KadlecsikTake into account cidr value for the from address when...
2011-05-21 Jozsef KadlecsikAdding ranges to hash types with timeout could still...
2011-05-21 Jozsef KadlecsikAccept "\r\n" terminated lines in restore files
2011-05-20 Jozsef KadlecsikRemoved old, not used hashing method ip_set_chash
2011-05-20 Jozsef KadlecsikRemove variable 'ret' in type_pf_tdel(), which is set...
2011-05-20 Jozsef KadlecsikUse proper timeout parameter to jiffies conversion
2011-05-17 Jozsef KadlecsikRemove outdated checking of IPv6 support from configure.ac
2011-05-15 Jozsef Kadlecsikipset 6.5 released
2011-05-15 Jozsef KadlecsikSupport range for IPv4 at adding/deleting elements...
2011-05-13 Jozsef KadlecsikDisable type revisions which are not supported both...
2011-05-12 Jozsef KadlecsikUpdate ipset help text to reflect SCTP and UDPLITE...
2011-05-11 Jozsef KadlecsikSet type support with multiple revisions added
2011-05-06 Jozsef KadlecsikFix adding ranges to hash types
2011-05-06 Jozsef KadlecsikIgnore -n flag (list just setnames) when sets are to...
2011-04-19 Jozsef Kadlecsikipset 6.4 released
2011-04-19 Jozsef KadlecsikGet rid of the trailing empty line at listing sets.
2011-04-18 Jozsef KadlecsikFix XML listing, remove broken unused "elements" tag
2011-04-18 Jozsef KadlecsikSupport listing setnames and headers too
2011-04-18 Jozsef KadlecsikFix order of listing of sets
2011-04-18 Jozsef KadlecsikOptions and flags support added to the kernel API
2011-04-11 Jozsef KadlecsikSorting is dependent on the locale settings, use LC_ALL=C
2011-04-11 Jozsef KadlecsikUse unified diff output in tests
2011-04-10 Jozsef Kadlecsikipset 6.3 released
2011-04-10 Jozsef KadlecsikTestsuite checks added
2011-04-09 Jozsef Kadlecsikset match and SET target fixes
2011-04-08 Jozsef KadlecsikWhitespace fixes: some space before tab slipped in.
2011-04-08 Jozsef Kadlecsikbitmap:ip,mac type requires "src" for MAC
2011-04-08 Jozsef KadlecsikTestsuite changes: keep temporary files
2011-03-29 Jozsef Kadlecsikipset/Kconfig was a mixed up kernel config file, fixed...
2011-03-27 Jozsef Kadlecsikipset 6.2 released